Crown® attorneys represent a broad range of professionals in the music industry, including recording artists, producers, recording and publishing companies, and executives, managers, live event producers, promoters and service providers, venue owners and operators, distribution companies, production companies, publishers, songwriters, and musical instrument craftspeople. We negotiate and draft band agreements, recording and publishing agreements, producer, management, distribution, touring, merchandising, corporate sponsorship, licensing, digital distribution, and marketing agreements. We consult with artists and record companies regarding their distribution and marketing strategies and assist in the protection, licensing, sale, and recapture of their intellectual property rights. We assist artists and managers in the selection of band and stage names and the trademark clearance, registration, and protection of those names, as well as copyright registrations, work-for-hire agreements, co-ownership agreements, dispute resolution, and copyright recapture. We assist musical groups in the selection and formation of an appropriate business entity – whether a partnership, LLC, or corporation – and represent artists and managers in the negotiation of management agreements. We assist talent agents in compliance with their statutory obligations and counsel artists and talent agents in the negotiation and entry into talent agency agreements. We represent artists, managers, and labels in the negotiation of recording and publishing agreements and work extensively with artists, managers, and venues in the negotiation of live performance agreements as well as sponsorship, merchandising, and distribution agreements, including streaming and digital download.